A Personal Australian Story – from a First Australian to all Australians

Talking to My Country -  Stan Grant   Indigenous Australia, Racism

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.02.03 PMStan Grant has been gracing Australian TV screens as a journalist for almost 30 years. He is a Wiradjuri man whose speech on racism went viral on social media in early 2106. Inspired by indignation at the ugly racism that showed its face when Australian of the Year Adam Goodes did nothing more than a joyous spear-throwing Australian “haka”, Grant followed up with Talking to My Country.  In talk at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, Grant questions whether Australia is really a multicultural safe haven of equal opportunity and asks whether racism is more prevalent or declining?

His heartbreaking yet inspiring tells the story of his white landowner Grant and his two families – one white and living in a wealthy homestead, the other dark-skinned forced to live by the river-bed in a humpy. He tells stories of dignity, heroism (white and “black”), heartache and strength. He tells the stories of the teacher that saw his potential. It is a powerful meditation on race, indigenous heritage and national identity. Hosted by Rhoda Roberts.

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