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Antisemitism in the Modern Age

Anti-Semitism in the Modern Age -  Yehuda Bauer   Jew-hatred, Israel-Palestine, Politics

Yehuda Bauer begins his talk by recounting how the word ‘antisemitism’ was coined by a liberal German Jew-hater who felt uncomfortable with using the more accurate description ‘Jew-hatred’. Having made his point, Bauer continues with common usage instead of grandstanding on a distracting pedantry. He is clearly upset, annoyed and frustrated by the world he sees around him, yet he retains an old-school liberal middle-Europe Enlightenment vision  that is idealistic yet grounded.

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Evil in Europe: Racism, Antisemitism, Terrorism and Nationalism

Evil -  Michel Wieviorka   Ethics, Politics, Culture

Xenophobia used to be associated with the trade-union protectionist Left but is now associated with the Right; Jews and Israel used to be courted by the non-Communist Left which is now suspicious of both and are now more likely to be courted by the Right; terrorism politics used to come from the Left but is now more likely to be come from the Reliious Right; and nationalism used to be a force for progress but has become a force for regress.

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