Welcome to my Dowlphin blog site. I invite you to subscribe to the occasional newsletter for highlights, events news and lists of recent posts (left sidebar below recent posts).  The site will mainly be made up of links to podcasts, books, events, commentary and videos published by academics, intellectuals and interesting ex-political players from across the world. The subjects which excite me and that I puzzle over most are (in no particular order) Capitalism & Democracy, Technology & Human Life, “Big History”, Religion & Identity, Behaviour & Games and Philosophy & Ethics. My interest is our medium to long-term future than yesterday and tomorrow. . If these concepts excite and puzzle you, then SUBSCRIBE NOW.

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It is only fair that I should declare my values stance. Thus:

I tend to be an optimistic pessimist, a cultural-historical Jew, religiously agnostic with a Buddhist inclination and a faith in neo-Darwinian science. I view Homo Sapiens as a complex upright hairless out-of-Africa ape with a complex creative largish imaginative communicative brain – with our origin from the star dust of the Big Bang and a dynamic evolving from physical and chemical processes. I don’t “get” the notion of “soul” but sense that we have a “mind” separate from “brain”. I am a relatively wealthy white privileged Euro-Australian male . I am pessimistic insofar as I believe that self-interest aimed at protecting interests in which we have invested emotional, intellectual, experiential and financial capital make us less adaptable to a fast-changing world, but optimistic insofar as I have faith that harnessing our intellectual capacities and collective social emotional desires will see us through crises eventually as we adapt while experiencing joy and suffering, creation and destruction, pleasure and pain, yin and yang. 

Trained as an economist at Sydney and Princeton Universities to postgraduate level, I can’t help thinking like an economist, but I am easily distracted by the puzzles offered by other disciplines and have never been able to settle comfortably into any structure or ideology as I have surfed the waves of Marxism and Neoliberalism by way of Judaism, Buddhism, Atheism and Social Democracy.  All I can say is that I have tried. I am of an age where I feel I ready to share my journey.

I welcome comments as well as subscriptions, and if you have family or friends who you think might value the site, pass it on.

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