How to download and listen to Dowlphin site podcasts on your Apple device

Because of buffering constraints that vary across devices and Podcast series, you might not be able to complete a 1-Click download of a 90-minute Podcast via  if you want to  listen outside a wifi zone e.g. out on a walk or on the bus.

Note that the buffering constraint is not a problem if you are in a wifi zone for 90 minutes e.g. gardening at home.

Four ways to listen to recommendations.

Method 1 – Use installed Podcast app

The least expensive most reliable way which overcomes the buffer constraint is to use the iPod app to subscribe to your favourite series, spend time periodically managing episodes in a wifi zone, and to use only as a review and advice source.  This is inexpensive because data over wifi is significantly less expensive than data over 3G. (See How to download Podcasts directly to your IOS device.).


The main problem with Method 1 is that saving episodes to your device uses up the device’s storage capacity – so you must periodically delete saved episodes once you have listened to them. 

Method 2 – Use 3G Data Allowance

The most expensive method involves using your 3G data allowance. This is not a problem if you have a large data allowance or if you listen to only a few podcasts per month. (See note on right)

A 90-minute Podcast uses about 40MB of data and a $30 Telstra pre-paid plan offers only 200MB. This means that you can download 90-minutes of podcast data at most only 5 times per month – less if you use the data for mapping, Shazam, Safari etc…

Method 3 – Start download on wi-fi at home and finish using 3G data

You can reduce costs significantly if you spend 2-3 minutes downloading up to the buffer limit from in a wifi zone (60 minutes with my iPhone) before you go for your walk and use 3G for the next 30 minutes outside the wifi zone. (Make sure your Podcast 3G us turned ON – See XXX).

Note that you will be increase the restriction to 15 podcasts per month instead of the 5 podcasts of Method 2.

Method 4 – Download without using your 3G data allowance

The least expensive but most time-intensive and fiddly method overcomes device-storage capacity issues by downloading from in a wifi zone (at home) using less expensive internet data  before you leave for your walk or long drive.

The main problem with this method is that current hardware/software limitations mean you can listen to no more than about 60 minutes of an episode at a time outside a wifi zone. This in turn means you have to listen to longer podcasts over two or more walks/drives and you have to download at least two or more times. A “saving grace” if you walk for longer than 60 minutes is that you can download more than one episode at at time.

Day 1

  1. Prepare to download your selected episode from the Dowlphin post 5-10 minutes before you want to leave your wifi zone.
  2. Make sure that Mobile Data is turned OFF at the Settings. (See XXXXX).
  3. TAP the PLAY icon to begin to download to your iPhone. The download speed depends on your ISP, connection type, time of day, hardware etc. The progress of the download is shown by the white ribbon on the ribbon.
  4. Optional – MUTE the sound if you aren’t ready to start listening when you start the download.
  5. The download stops when “cache” (shown by the white ribbon) is full. My experience is that cache is full at around 30MB, which offers about 1-hour of audio data.
  6. When you are ready to listen to the episode, turn the sound back on, TAP on PLAY put on your headphones and go for your walk.  
  7. When you get back home, note how far into the episode you listened to and turn the Mobile Data in Settings back ON. 


  1. Repeat steps 1-5 from DAY 1.
  2. To lengthen the cache, TAP on the white ribbon near where it has stopped. ‘
  3. Wait for the ribbon to indicate that the episode has been completely downloaded.
  4. When you are ready to listen, ensure sound is back ON, then TAP the white ribbon where you stopped listening on DAY 1.
  5. TAP the PLAY icon to start listening from where you left off.


  This fiddly method involves dividing the download into 2 steps – each of which could take up to 5 minutes if you have a slow internet connection.

  NEVER refresh or close a Dowlphin browser page on which you have downloaded an episode which you want to continue to listen to. When you refresh, you lose all the stored memory. 

  I used to get max 8Mbps with ADSL so that 60-minute podcast would download in 4 minutes. With cable, I now get 34Mbps and download the 60-minute podcast in 1 minute.

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