Understanding the pages and the icons on the iPhone/Pad PODCAST app

NAVIGATE PAGES around the Podcast app

Note:      To expand thumbnail images to viewable size, click on the image the in the “cross-hammer” in the top right corner. Click “Esc” to return to thumbnail size.

UNPLAYED episodes

Unplayed episodes

MY PODCASTS lists the Podcast series that you have subscribed to.

By clicking on the EDIT icon in the top right, you can rearrange or delete the MY PODCASTS list by placing your finger then moving  the three horizontal bars on the right. Click the red  circle to open a DELETE option. Click DONE when finished.

FEATURED highlights Podcast series which Apple deems worthy – presumably according to a non-transparent artificially intelligent algorithm that Dowlphin gives a score of 2/10. The podcasts may be “trending” but they generally hold little of interest to Dowlphin.

Featured Series

TOP CHARTS lists podcast series that uses a different AI algorithm to the one used for “Featured”. Dowlphin gives this page a score of 8/10 because it highlights Dowlphin’s interests more closely – with more Australian content and economic content.

Top Charts

SEARCH for Podcast series that will interest you e.g. type “Book Review” and scroll down and you get a plethora of book review Podcast series.

Search page

The strip at foot of each Podcast page shows the episode currently playing. TAP to open manage the EPISODE page so that you can pause, rewind, delete, change the speed delivery, share +++). See below for the functions performed by the icons on the EPISODE page.

EPISODE PAGE – accessed by tapping on episode shown playing above the toolbar near the foot of each Podcast page (See above)


REVERSE by 15 seconds


FAST FORWARD by 15 seconds


SPEED – tap to change (1,  x1.5,  x2,  x.5 times)






NEXT episodes


DEVICE e.g. (iPhone, AppleTV, etc…


SEARCH – type a concept, author, topic or title for then TAP

SHARE menu (Copy, Mail, Message, Facebook, Notes. etc…links)


SLEEP menu – stop in x minutes


MANAGE EPISODE menu e.g. (description, download, delete, mark etc…

Time Elapsed

Strip below series icon, above author – audio progress. Image shows 26mins 59seconds elapsed with 45mins 9secs left. Slide vertical line  with finger to change.


Strip near footer – volume control (circle image shows at maximum;. Slide the white dot with finger to change the volume.

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