How to manage your computer’s Podcast page in iTunes!

This FAQ assumes you have an iTunes account, have iTunes on both your computer, and that you are signed in by default to the Music section of the store. I’ll illustrate the FAQ with a download of author Yuval Harari in conversation in the Econtalk podcast series.

Note:      To expand thumbnail images below to viewable size, click on the image the in the “cross-hammer” in the top right corner. Click “Esc” to return to thumbnail size.

1.    Switch from the Music page in the iTunes store to the Podcast page.

2.    Type “Yuval Harari Econtalk” into the search bar in the top right of the screen followed by clicking on the RETURN key.

3.    CLICK on the Podcast provider icon “EconTalk“.

4.    SCROLL DOWN the page until you get to highlighted Harari episode. (At the time of writing, it is episode 44 but as episodes are added to the series, the episode number will increase.

a.    CLICK “Get” for the chosen episode (or more episodes if others are of interest. That’s it 🙂 . The podcast(s) should begin to download to an episode list in the Cloud in the background. (The download process can be viewed at the top-middle of the page at “My Podcasts”).

and /or

b.    If you want to subscribe to view previous and future episodes of “EconTalk” on a “Feed”, CLICK on the “Subscribe” icon then CLICK the pop-up to confirm the subscription.

(Note: The episodes will be listed on your computer but will not take much storage space on your computer because the podcasts will ne in the Cloud. Podcasts only take up space if you download from the cloud e.g to listen when not on the connected to the internet).

5.    If you want to check out all of Harari’s offerings, begin typing Yuval Harari into the search until you see his name, then click to  browse his books, podcasts, films, radio, songs etc.  This is OK if you want to follow Harari, but it will divert you from a specific search.

6.   To view information about your Podcast Subscriptions and episode, to manage synchronisations and downloads and to check on what has been downloaded to storage and what you have listened to completely or only partly, you will need to switch from the iTunes Store to the My Podcasts page. To do this CLICK on My Podcasts.

The image on the right shows highlights

  • The My Podcast icon (1)
  • The series you have subscribed to and the episodes available. To view the episode list, CLICK the right arrow beside the title (2)
  • CLICK on the “i” icon for a summary of the episode (3) → (4)
  • A brief summary of the episode (4)
  • Toolbars for managing what to show and what to download (5)

7.    The image on the right highlights the icons used on your Podcast page. They represent the following:

  • grey circle shows = episode downloading – here 2/3 complete
  • blue-half circle = episode listened to, but not completed
  • blue complete circle = episode unplayed
  • tick = depending on settings, the episode may be synchronised to an attached device
  • cloud = in the Cloud i.e. not taking up storage on the computer
  • grey crossed circle while downloading = CLICK to stop or pause a download
  • … three dots = opens menu →[Mark Played etc…Unsubscribe Podcast….Remove Download…..Delete etc….]
  • HIGHLIGHT 3 manages what is shown on the page →[Feed, Saved ec….]
  • HIGHLIGHT 4 manages the Podcast settings
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