Why anonymous? Why Wikipedia references? Why no footnotes? Who is Dowlphin for?

Why do I maintain anonymity and refer to myself in the 3rd person as Dowlphin?

  • I write more freely and openly when I write in the 3rd person as Dowlphin.
  • Where I represent a subjective person in space, time and relationship, the fused dolphin-owl represents my attempt at a universal non-anthropomorphic objectivity. In this respect, Dowlphin represents the alienated self speaking out.
  • Even if only 1% of the population causes 99% of menacing damage, there are sufficient numbers of mischievous crazy ideologues who use the internet destructively. I don’t want to be trolled and I don’t want to open my family to trolling.
  • My friends and family know I am Dowlphin – its not something I am ashamed of. But there is no need to personalise ideas. It is nobody’s business to know.

Why are there no footnotes or other “academic” style references?

  • I haven’t written down and recorded everything I have heard or read over my lifetime, and I think it would be inefficient to spend energy too retrace my steps or pretend to be academic – particularly since I don’t have a grant or research assistant to do the hackwork for me. I will try to reference originality and controversy, and I will try to honour geniuses, and you dear reader, will just have to trust me and my memory.
  • I am no longer an academic. I am “merely” a retired ex-academic  sharing the view of the world I have experienced. Sharing my brain Communicating This is my calling and  my passion.

Why mainly Wikipedia references?

  • Wikipedia explanations might not be acceptable for university work, but for the purposes of the Dowlphin site, I reckon they are good enough.
  • I will use Wikipedia to reference concepts that I think might need some explanation – particularly as regards Economics. Wikipedia is accessible, well-known and reliable. Sure, there may be errors – but books have them too. Dowlphin is not a snob!
  • I love Wikipedia. The content is volunteer-driven; the organisation is self-funding and non-profit; it is global, it is free; it embraces technology positively; it is relatively reliable and it is at our fingertips with no hassle. It might miss some topics, but, who doesn’t? It is one of the wonders of the world.

My Dowlphin’s target audience?

  • I listen to podcasts on Politics, Economics, History, Psychology and International Relations inter alia… when I go for a walk or run or use transport. When I would talk about them, friends and acquaintances would often ask me to share the links. This led me to send occasional newsletters to everyone on my email list who I thought might be interested.
  • There were problems with the email links so I began to develop a web site. This has been an interesting and enjoyable learning exercise – even if it has taken much longer than I had originally anticipated.
  • As the site developed and the email list expanded, I felt it would be useful to add more commentary. But going public also meant becoming semi-anonymous.
  • My target audience is now anybody interested in a possibly idiosyncratic but novel and interesting synthesis of the insights of academics regarding Political Economy etc… To me these views are not idiosyncratic – they are the empirically verified insights of creative logical thought. As an ex-university teacher, my target audience has extended from friends and acquaintances to all young people who are serious about a flourishing future in a sustainable socially just world.
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