Warning Note:  😯           These FAQs are designed to be read on a computer or an iPad. They will be impossible to follow on a small smartphone screen.

A     Podcasts on your IOS iPhone/iPad

  1. How to download, subscribe and listen to Podcasts directly on your Apple device.
  2. What do the symbols/icons on the iPhone/iPad PODCAST app stand for?
  3. How to manage your iPhone/iPad settings if you are concerned about storage and costs? (Under construction)

B     iTunes on your Computer

  1. How to manage your computer’s Podcast page in iTunes
  2. How to sync from your computer to your iPhone/iPad device (Under construction)
  3. The advantages of subscribing through iTunes on your  computer rather than the Podcast app. (Under construction)
  4. Why does it sometimes take so long to sync across devices? (Under construction)

C     The Dowlphin Site

  1. How to download and listen to podcasts directly from the Dowlphin site (IOS) – to avoid storage and cost issues, see B3 above. 
  2. Navigating the Dowlphin site – the structure, the content and the symbols.
  3. Why anonymous? Why only Wikipedia references? Why no footnotes? Who is Dowlphin’s target audience?
  4. What you can expect if you subscribe to the Dowlphin newsletter? (Under construction)

D     Android (Samsung)

  1. How to sync between iTunes and an Android smartphone. (Under construction)
  2. Other Android issues. (Under construction)
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