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10 months ago

Jack Frisch

Some interesting insights by a panel of three US Left academics on what went wrong and possible future direction is offered. What is to be done? It is too early to "know" how to respond, but it is ... See more

10 months ago
The American Election and the Left - Public lectures and events

Some interesting insights by a panel of three US Left academics on what went wrong and possible future direction is offered. What is to be done? It is too early to "know" how to respond, but it is ... See more

The US election has seen a wave of authoritarian populism and xenophobia, the first real chance for a woman to win presidential office, and an earlier unprecedented surge in support for an American ... See more

10 months ago
Our politicians go populist at their peril

Good sense from Gittins - as always. Trump did not trump Clinton! Trump will not be able to deliver! The clock cannot be reversed! That doesn't mean that we can relax, but it does mean that we have ... See more

If I were an Australian politician I'd think hard about the ascension of Trump before I drew conclusions for local consumption.

10 months ago
Stan Grant: 'Can an Aborigine be a Smiths fan? I can be whatever I damn like'

Stan Grant's SMH extract from The Quarterly Essay is one of the most beautiful, intelligent angry-calm rational statements of Enlightenment Universalist identity that I have ever read. The perfect ... See more

Identity is a two-way mirror – what we project and what others perceive, but Indigenous people are constantly reminded that their identities are in question.

10 months ago
Dowlphin - Links to nudge thinking about humanity's long-term collective future

Dowlphin Newsletter November 2016 - Links to nudge thinking about our collective future in a Time of Trouble

You’ll more easily notice the long sentences, repetitions, style and grammar errors etc... It won’t make you a Tolstoy or a Roth, but it improves the writing and saves time. Have a good weekend ... See more

10 months ago
Reason and Rhetoric: the ethics of public discussion - Public lectures and events

Podcast London School of Economics - Two journalists and two academics in a a panel discussion which touches on the many ways in which social media has polarised and endangered public discourse.

Even in so-called ‘mature’ democracies, political discussion often turns ugly. Recently we have seen accusations of deception and name-calling in the EU referendum debate, of negative campaigning ... See more

10 months ago
The Abdication of the Left

How should the "Left" respond to the world around us? This piece (in Project Syndicate) was written post Brexit pre Trump - arguing that the political and academic "Left" (including Dowlphin) has by ... See more

The political backlash against globalization, evident in the UK's Brexit referendum, was predictable. The bigger surprise is the decidedly right-wing tilt the political reaction has taken, which ... See more

10 months ago
Trump: An American Horror Story

Project Syndicate is the opinion page to which some of the smartest people on the plant today contribute. Here they offer their expert opinions on the consequences of Trump. Will it be as bad as ... See more

Donald Trump’s election victory has alarmed the world: it heralds the end of business as usual in trade, security and much else. Just how serious are the challenges of the Trump era?

10 months ago
What America’s Economy Needs from Trump

Joseph Stieglitz is in my view the pre-eminent enonomist of our time - equal to Adam Smith, David Ricardo, Alfred Marshall, Maynard Keynes, Milton Friedman of earlier times. In this article he ... See more

Donald Trump’s astonishing victory in the US presidential election has made one thing abundantly clear: too many Americans – particularly white male Americans – feel left behind. Unfortunately, ... See more

10 months ago
Deng Thiak Adut: Australia was 'a place that was as strange to me as Neptune may be to you'

Soldier to lawyer. Sudan to Australia. War to peace. Stranger to Citizen. Kakuma to Blacktown. Via TAFE, soccer, Bondi Beach, men of goodwill and the Wiggles. This man in my mind is AUSTRALIAN OF THE ... See more

Deng Thiak Adut, recently named NSW Australian of the Year, came to Australia as a refugee from Sudan. In an extract from his book, he describes arriving in Australia.

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