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End of World Thought Experiment

Death and the Afterlife -  Samuel Scheffler   Philosophical Speculation, How to Live

Like good science fiction, thought experiments can offer insights about the world of today. They can be fun, distressing, confronting and they can provide an opportunity for self-reflection.

Suppose you knew that, though you yourself would live your life to its natural end, the earth and all its inhabitants would be destroyed thirty days after your death.  Or imagine that humanity is rendered infertile, so that the most recent generation would be the last.

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Utopia in the Twenty-first Century

Utopia in the Twenty-First Century -  Ruth Levitas   Idealism, Utopia and Dystopia

Recorded on 25 February 2016 at 2.04, New Academic Building

Five hundred years ago Thomas More’s Utopia was published in Latin, thereby introducing the word Utopia into the English language. But what is its relevance today? There are elements of More’s text which still resonate, notably his critique of enclosures, which can be given a contemporary twist in relation to the social cleansing of central London.

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