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The Two-Track Brain – Rationality and Bias

Thinking Fast and Slow -  Daniel Kahneman   Decision Making, Finance, Medicine, Political Economy

A simple maths problem: If a bat and a ball cost $1.10 and the bat is $1.00 more expensive than the ball, how much does the ball cost? Half a Harvard class got the wrong answer in a written test!!!

Economics Nobel Prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman argues that we have two systems of thinking. System-1 is intuitive and fast while System-2 is logical, slow and lazy.

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Debt, Demographics and the Distribution of Income: new challenges for monetary policy

Debt, Demographics and the Distribution of Income: new challenges for monetary policy -  Gertjan Vlieghe   Monetary Policy, Interest Rates, Macroeconomics

Monetary policies all over the world are such that interest rates are at their lowest rate ever. In some economies, the rate is negative so that it costs to keep money in banks rather than “under the bed”. This is unprecedented! Despite this, borrowing for new investment is weak – with implications on future productivity and economic growth.

The low interest rates mean that there is little scope to reduce them further, which in turn means that monetary authorities have little scope for managing economic activity – employment, production and investment.

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Zizek – transgenderism, migration and liberalism

Against the Double Blackmail: refugees, terror and other troubles with the neighbours -  Salvoj Zizek   Culture, Identity, Transgenderism, anti-Colonialism, Marxism, Gender Theory

Slavoj Zizek is an entertaining comedic Slovenian old-fashioned Marxist philosopher who brings Hegel’s dialectics and Marx’s politics to life to make it comprehensible through a seemingly meandering logic that eventually comes to its point without ever losing the place. Listen to how he connects class struggle to transgenderism’s demand for separate toilets; relates Boko Haram, Slovenia, Plato and American marching bands to Brexit and Eurovision and free-spirited singing; and links Palestinian nationalism to Buddhist violence.

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