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A Personal Australian Story – from a First Australian to all Australians

Talking to My Country -  Stan Grant   Indigenous Australia, Racism

Screen Shot 2016-08-13 at 6.02.03 PMStan Grant has been gracing Australian TV screens as a journalist for almost 30 years. He is a Wiradjuri man whose speech on racism went viral on social media in early 2106. Inspired by indignation at the ugly racism that showed its face when Australian of the Year Adam Goodes did nothing more than a joyous spear-throwing Australian “haka”, Grant followed up with Talking to My Country.  

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Antisemitism in the Modern Age

Anti-Semitism in the Modern Age -  Yehuda Bauer   Jew-hatred, Israel-Palestine, Politics

Yehuda Bauer begins his talk by recounting how the word ‘antisemitism’ was coined by a liberal German Jew-hater who felt uncomfortable with using the more accurate description ‘Jew-hatred’. Having made his point, Bauer continues with common usage instead of grandstanding on a distracting pedantry. He is clearly upset, annoyed and frustrated by the world he sees around him, yet he retains an old-school liberal middle-Europe Enlightenment vision  that is idealistic yet grounded.

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Evil in Europe: Racism, Antisemitism, Terrorism and Nationalism

Evil -  Michel Wieviorka   Ethics, Politics, Culture

Xenophobia used to be associated with the trade-union protectionist Left but is now associated with the Right; Jews and Israel used to be courted by the non-Communist Left which is now suspicious of both and are now more likely to be courted by the Right; terrorism politics used to come from the Left but is now more likely to be come from the Reliious Right; and nationalism used to be a force for progress but has become a force for regress.

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Zizek – transgenderism, migration and liberalism

Against the Double Blackmail: refugees, terror and other troubles with the neighbours -  Salvoj Zizek   Culture, Identity, Transgenderism, anti-Colonialism, Marxism, Gender Theory

Slavoj Zizek is an entertaining comedic Slovenian old-fashioned Marxist philosopher who brings Hegel’s dialectics and Marx’s politics to life to make it comprehensible through a seemingly meandering logic that eventually comes to its point without ever losing the place. Listen to how he connects class struggle to transgenderism’s demand for separate toilets; relates Boko Haram, Slovenia, Plato and American marching bands to Brexit and Eurovision and free-spirited singing; and links Palestinian nationalism to Buddhist violence.

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